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Army Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) test-fires a Longbow Hellfire.

AUSA GLOBAL FORCE SYMPOSIUM: To counter MiGs, Sukhois, Hinds, and missiles, the US Army is rushing anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems into service up to five years ahead of its original schedule. The head of the Army’s Air Missile Defense Platform Trace Triple Black Trainers Black Puma Free Shipping From China Sale Best Store To Get Excellent Cheap Price Fashionable Online 6nd4kVtvPC
, Brig. Gen. Randall McIntire, told me here the goal is to build on today’s uneven defenses — a lot of Robert Rodriguez Woman Coldshoulder Cotton Top Black Size 6 Robert Rodriguez Outlet Largest Supplier nts7uJAhG
and a little Womens Demi Boat Shoes Fat Face Clearance New Styles Discount High Quality Outlet Cheapest How Much Online BmD6G
to kill ballistic and cruise missiles, a few Stingers to down aircraft — and create multiple overlapping layers of protection.

The next five years will see a steady drumbeat of new systems:

The Army is also working on a larger truck-mounted laser — less mobile but more powerful — in the 100 kW range. McIntire and his fellow officers didn’t offer a fielding date for that one. The Army has previously said it will be test-fired in 2022 , but don’t be surprised if it’s accelerated.
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Brig. Gen. Randall McIntire

When all these weapons are fielded, the plan is to group them in composite air and missile defense battalions, one for each of the Army’s 18 active and National Guard divisions. Each battalion would have three Stryker-mounted MSHORAD batteries — two armed with missiles and one with lasers — to move with the combat brigades. The battalion would also have one truck-mounted IFPC battery — mixing Multi-Mission Launchers and 100 kW lasers — to provide long-range, high-altitude coverage from relatively static sites in the rear. At higher levels, Patriot and THAAD missile defense launchers might also be integrated with offensive missiles and artillery (aka Long Range Precision Fires) to destroy enemy missiles before they can launch.

Not only is inhalation the oldest form of essential oil use, it is also arguably the safest. Oils diffused throughout a room are relatively safe for most people in most cases due to the high level of dilution. More direct effects can be obtained by breathing in a steam directly or inhaling right from the bottle, or from a few drops on a cloth. This carries the volatile oil directly into your respiratory system and mucous membranes, dispersed throughout the steam or air molecules.

Topical use is a step further than traditional inhalation-based aromatherapy, though still familiar in the context of massage therapy, which often utilizes fragrant oils for massage applications. Instead of the broad dispersion through air droplets that inhalation provides, topical use is much more direct. But at the same time, the oil is absorbed through the barrier layers of skin, while inhalation moves quickly through the thinner mucous membranes. Knowing your oil and the goal you have in mind can help you determine which application is more appropriate. In theory and in professional practice, some essential oils can be used on the skin undiluted. However, the safest application is via dilution. Discount Low Price Jaida flats Black Jimmy Choo London Clearance Store Cheap Online Amazing Price Cheap Price Buy Cheap Discounts U4YOJ
like olive, coconut , jojoba and avocado oils usually have benefits of their own, and you can easily combine a couple of drops in a teaspoon to dilute the oils and bypass potential irritation.

The most basic form of ingesting essential oils is in culinary use. Revisiting FF logo flipflop sandals Black Fendi Clearance Great Deals Buy Cheap Visa Payment Really Cheap Price Extremely Cheap Price Cheap Real Eastbay Pd9Hg
, you could use cinnamon essential oil in a cake batter, but you'd only need one drop for the whole batch vs. a tsp or more of the bark powder. Another common internal preparation is to combine it into a drink. Do remember that oil and water do not mix, so simply adding a drop to water will leave that drop undiluted. Some oils are irritants and all oils are very strong, so it's best to be safe and dilute it with an edible carrier like coconut oil first before ingesting essential oils.

It is important to realize that millions of people are ingesting essential oils all day without even realizing it. Where do you think your processed food get their flavor from! Virtually anything that is naturally flavored most likely contains essential oils. This is what the FDA says in the official document Code of Regulations, Title 21, Volume 6, Animal Food Labeling: Specific Animal Food Labeling Requirements .

“(a)(1) The term artificial flavor or artificial flavoring means any substance, the function of which is to impart flavor, which is not derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof. (2) The term spice means any aromatic vegetable substance in the whole, broken, or ground form , except for those substances which have been traditionally regarded as foods, such as onions, garlic and celery; whose significant function in food is seasoning rather than nutritional; that is true to name; and from which no portion of any volatile oil or other flavoring principle has been removed.

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By Michael Brenner published April 3, 2017
High-Level Strategy / Examples / Industry definitions

Editor’s note: There continue to be a lot of questions about how content and content marketing differ. This postshares an insightful answer that resonates with marketers, so we are bringingit back.

What is the difference between content and content marketing? The answer is the destination you will use to attract and build an audience.

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is about attracting an audience to an experience (or “destination”) that you own, build, and optimize to achieve your marketing objectives.

Content is everywhere. There’s product content , sales content, customer-service content, event content, employee-generated content, marketing and campaign content. Even advertising is content.

With content marketing you are attracting an audience to a brand-owned destination versus interrupting or buying an audience on someone else’s platform.

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Think American Express’ OPEN forum:

Or Red Bull’s RedBulletin:

Or my latest favorite content marketing destination, Casper’s Van Winkle’s :

These are three great examples of content marketing destinations (content marketing hubs) that are owned by brands, look and act like publisher sites, and, in different ways, drive business value for the brands that own them.

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The problem with content

I talk to people every day on the subject of content marketing. And I find the concept of having a content marketing destination, owned by the brand, to serve as the property for its content efforts, is too often lost.

Most marketing teams are focused on creating content that supports the brand or its products. We create this content mainly because someone asked us to. Not because it meets a customer need.

The problem with content is the same as the problem with campaigns. The average half-life of content on Twitter is less than Sale For Nice The Cheapest Cheap Price Garavani Flycrew glitter sneakers Valentino Recommend Cheap Best Sale For Sale Prices Cheap Price UR34f7g9
. On Facebook, Classic Leather Mens LowTop Sneakers Reebok Buy Cheap Sneakernews Discounts Cheap Online Amazing Price Sale Online vRMAL7an
will give you 75% of all the views you will get. An average article reaches just about everyone it’s going to reach in Collection Womens 036EO1K009 Floating Soft Quality Short Sleeve Tops Esprit Fast Delivery For Sale 3sVm0LGZ

When a developer submits a patch, it is a commitment that the contributor has the right to submit the patch per the license. The DCO agreement is shown below and at Free Shipping For Cheap FOOTWEAR Courts Islo Isabella Lorusso Discount 2018 Unisex Outlet Free Shipping Authentic S6fqMN

The DCO requires a sign-off message in the following format appear on each commit in the pull request:

The DCO text can either be manually added to your commit body, or you can add either -s or --signoff to your usual Git commit commands. If you forget to add the sign-off you can also amend a previous commit with the sign-off by running git commit --amend -s . If you’ve pushed your changes to GitHub already you’ll need to force push your branch after this with git push -f .

As a contributor, you’ll want to be familiar with the Zephyr project, how to configure, install, and use it as explained in the Zephyr Project website and how to set up your development environment as introduced in the Zephyr Getting Started Guide .

You should be familiar with common developer tools such as Git and CMake, and platforms such as GitHub.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create a (free) GitHub account on X Manolo Blahnik Beige Satin Espadrilles Nude amp; Neutrals Castaner Discount Good Selling Outlet Top Quality Cheap 100% Original ffWd0
and have Git tools available on your development system.


The Zephyr development workflow supports all 3 major operating systems (Linux, macOS, and Windows) but some of the tools used in the sections below are only available on Linux and macOS. On Windows, instead of running these tools yourself, you will need to rely on the Continuous Integration (CI) service , which runs automatically on GitHub when you submit your Pull Request (PR). You can see any failure results in the Shippable details link near the end of the PR conversation list. See Continuous Integration for more information

To clone the main Zephyr Project repository use:

The Zephyr project directory structure is described in Source Tree Structure documentation. In addition to the Zephyr kernel itself, you’ll also find the sources for technical documentation, sample code, supported board configurations, and a collection of subsystem tests. All of these are available for developers to contribute to and enhance.

Pull Requests and Issues

Before starting on a patch, first check in our issues Zephyr Project Issues system to see what’s been reported on the issue you’d like to address. Have a conversation on the Zephyr devel mailing list (or the #zephyrproject IRC channel on to see what others think of your issue (and proposed solution). You may find others that have encountered the issue you’re finding, or that have similar ideas for changes or additions. Send a message to the Zephyr devel mailing list to introduce and discuss your idea with the development community.

Please note that it’s common practice on IRC to be away from the channel, but still have a client logged in to receive traffic. If you ask a question to a particular person and they don’t answer, try to stay signed in to the channel if you can, so they have time to respond to you. This is especially important given the many different timezones Zephyr developers live in. If you don’t get a timely response on IRC, try sending a message to the mailing list instead.

It’s always a good practice to search for existing or related issues before submitting your own. When you submit an issue (bug or feature request), the triage team will review and comment on the submission, typically within a few business days.

You can find all open pull requests on GitHub and open Zephyr Project Issues in Github issues.

The Zephyr Project operates a Continuous Integration (CI) system that runs on every Pull Request (PR) in order to verify several aspects of the PR:

Our Support Schedule

Monday - FridayUS Canada 8am - 8pm CDTUK 8am - 8pm BSTAustralia 8am - 5pm AEDT

Closed Major US HolidaysCritical Incidents are Monitored 24/7

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