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Cupro Skirt - Arabesqe with color by VIDA VIDA
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@ secref [ "Boxes" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
A box is like a vector with a single slot. Boxes are used primarily to allow mutation. For example, the value of a field in a variant instance cannot be modified, but the field’s value can be a box, and then the box’s content can be modified.

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function creates a box with an initial value for its slot, unbox accesses the current value in a box’s slot, and Striped LinenBlend Midi Skirt Delpozo Discount Websites Clearance 2018 2018 New Cheap Price 52SF5GUiw
changes the value.

@ secref [ "Tuples" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
@ secref [ "Tuples" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
Shorthands for two-element tuples: the pair function creates a tuple, and the fst and snd functions access tuple items.
@ secref [ "Optional_Values" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
@ secref [ "Optional_Values" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
Defined as
@ secref [ "Hash_Tables" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
@ secref [ "Hash_Tables" #:doc ' (lib "plai-typed/plai-typed.scrbl") ]
The make-hash function creates a mutable hash table that is initialized with a given mapping of keys to values (as a list of tuples pairing keys to values). The hash function similarly creates an immutable hash table that supports constant-time functional update.

The hash-ref function works on either kind of hash table to find the value for a given key. If the hash table contains a mapping for a given key, hash-ref returns the key’s value wrapped with some . Otherwise, hash-ref returns ( Womens LINDY Skinny Plain Jeans Mavi Sale Cheap Prices Get Authentic Cheap Price Discount For Nice Exclusive Sale Online eKSr1zbd0u
) .

Kathryn Gessner

Tesla faces accelerating rate of Model 3 refunds

Tesla began accepting deposits for the Model 3 more than two years ago and, after several delays, production is DESIGN midi skirt with front split Nude Asos Clearance Store Online lHUolzldK
. But those holding out for the baseline Model 3—priced at $35,000—have just been told they’ll need to keep waiting . Refunded deposits have already been on the rise, and the latest news could push additional reservation holders to request their money back.

Model 3 deposits are fully refundable up until the customer configures a car by selecting features and paying an additional fee of $2,500. After configuration, vehicles are typically delivered in just a few weeks. As of April, 8 percent of U.S. Model 3 depositors had configured a Tesla for production, while nearly a quarter of deposits had been refunded. The remaining two-thirds are in limbo—either still holding a spot in the Model 3 queue or waiting for a requested refund to be processed.

Deposits started off strong. On March 31, 2016, eager early adopters drove a surge of initial deposits, and 61 percent of all Model 3 reservations occured in the first month. In August 2017, Tesla disclosed the gross and net Model 3 reservations , revealing a refund rate of 12 percent. Our analysis aligns with Tesla’s reported figures, also finding that 12 percent of deposits had been refunded at that time.

Extended wait times cause refunds to rise

More recently, Tesla has been tight-lipped about its current rate of refunds. Investors have good reason to be interested—as of last quarter, more than a third of Tesla’s cash holdings were customer deposits, which includes reservations for TROUSERS Shorts Virginia Bizzi Popular Sale Online vvBoksv
other than the Model 3. Tesla is presently paying out refunds faster than new Model 3 deposits are coming in and, so far in 2018, it has issued twice as many $1,000 refunds as it has received $1,000 deposits.

The Model 3 faced a series of production delays , and not all depositors have stuck out the wait. Since reservations began, 23 percent of deposits have been refunded. Only Tesla knows how many additional customers have cancelled reservations and are still awaiting refunds .

Meanwhile, monthly new reservations have remained level in recent months. With Model 3 wait times currently advertised as 4-12 months, potential buyers joining the bottom of the queue may be unwilling to purchase if they find themselves ineligible for major federal tax credits, expected to start phasing out this year .

More Model 3 depositors are finally configuring orders

Earlier this month, Elon Musk came under fire for skirting questions during the TOPWEAR Sweatshirts Vivienne Westwood Explore Online NprRDqYJWO
, declining to disclose how many Model 3 reservations have gone on to be configured for purchase. Like refunds, our analysis shows configurations are also on the rise. In April, the number of configurations nearly tripled month-over-month among Model 3 reservation holders. These findings may exclude some customers who used different payment methods for the deposit and configuration.

A rising rate of configurations sounds like a happy ending for Tesla fans, but this story has a twist—configurations aren’t necessarily for Model 3s. Some impatient reservation holders are purchasing a more expensive Tesla instead. The Model S and X each start at double the price of a baseline Model 3, making the upsell an ideal outcome for Tesla.

Kathryn Gessner

Data Journalist

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analyzes billions of anonymized purchases to answer real-time questions about consumer behavior. Unless otherwise noted, the data comes from our platform.

Adopt a higher-protein diet

Many of us equate high-sugar snacks with high energy, and that’s fair: Sugar, after all, gives us an instant boost—followed by a crash. Protein, on the other hand, provides sustained, lasting energy; it’s harder for your body to break down proteins than carbs or sugars. (As an added bonus, you’ll be full for longer.)

Drink less alcohol

According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 20 percent of Americans use alcohol to fall asleep. Yes, alcohol can make you feel drowsy—but alcohol use is directly correlated with poor sleep quality: it disrupts circadian rhythm, inhibits REM sleep, and can send you running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. All of this leads to poor sleep, which, in turn, depletes your energy levels.

Don’t even think about skipping breakfast

They say it’s the most important meal, and you know what? They’re right. Breakfast jumpstarts your body’s functions and provides the essential energy to get through to lunchtime. But, Linen scoop neck Tshirt Majestic Filatures For Sale Discount Sale Very Cheap fDZsBUEs
, 31 million Americans—about ten percent of the country—skip the meal, most commonly because they’re “too busy or running late.” So before you start your day, slow down for five minutes and grab a snack. You can afford five minutes.

Take more catnaps

Snagging a moment to sleep at some point during the day—between 10 and 30 minutes, and before 4:00pm, so as not to disrupt your nighttime sleep—has been shown to increase memory, cognitive function, and alertness. And if you cut the nap off before 30 minutes, you won’t suffer what’s called “sleep inertia,” or that dazed and confused sensation you feel between waking up and being fully awake .

Listen to fast-paced music

Scientific American , fast-paced music grants an instant energy boost by essentially “overriding” our brain’s signals for fatigue. It’s why upbeat music is played at gyms—to keep people from tiring out. However, the benefits of such much top out at 145BPM. In other words, you’d get the same benefits by listening to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift (160BPM) as you would listeningto “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen (147 BPM).

Taylor Swift Bruce Springsteen

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Drink more water

According to a study in The Journal of Nutrition , a 2 percent level of dehydration doesn’t set in until we start feeling thirsty. The same study says that a 1.5 percent level of dehydration is enough for significant fatigue to come on. The solution? Be sure you’re drinking enough water so that you never feel that thirst sensation. For women, that’s about eight eight-ounce cups per day; for men, it’s ten.

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